Do you know how to distinguish diamonds drawn by diamonds?
12.20.2021 | everydayedeals | Diamond Painting Blogs


       If you are new to the world of diamond painting, you are about to embark on an exciting journey. When you express your inner artistry, it will definitely take several hours to complete. But most importantly, when you are done, you will have an amazing work of art that can be proudly displayed in your home or office! Our shop has many styles of diamond paintings, you are welcome to come and buy everydayedeals.

      In fact, diamond painting has become popular since it has become popular. There are three more common shapes, one is round diamonds, the other is square diamonds, and the third is special-shaped diamonds.

Don't doubt, it's actually easy to distinguish them, it's as simple as you understand, just distinguish them according to the shape.

  1. Round diamond

     As far as I know, the most common diamond in diamond paintings is the round diamond. Its characteristic is that the shape is round. The light reflected by the round diamond is regular and not messy. Round diamonds have a more shiny appearance. There are some gaps before the round drill, and there is more room for flexibility. Because some nibs are rounded, it may be easier and faster to pick up round drills because they don't have to be placed so neatly. Round diamonds are more common. The round diamonds are almost exactly the same in shape and size except for the different colors. What is reflected is ordinary beauty.

  1. Sqaure diamond

    The square diamonds are neatly grouped together, there is no gap, and they are suitable for refined operation. It is best to use some small tools when attaching the square diamond to make it more tidy and more beautiful. The light reflected by a square diamond is different from that of a round diamond, and each has its own characteristics. Kelly diamonds are almost identical in shape and size except for their different colors. What is reflected is meticulous beauty.

  1. Special-shaped drill

     Compared with round diamonds and square diamonds, the biggest feature of special-shaped diamonds is that the designer will actualize according to the artistic effect that the work wants to show. It will have differences in size and shape. For example, special-shaped diamonds should reflect the beauty of a flower. , Maybe his petals will be presented by diamonds of different shapes, sizes and colors, which reflects the exquisite beauty.

      Finally, to summarize, as for you to ask which is better? I really have no way to answer you, because there is no clear answer. These three have their own advantages. The key to the choice of diamond painting is which effect you want. In fact, you can try different diamond paintings, so you must There will be a different experience. Choose the diamond painting kit, please rest assured, we will provide you with simple and convenient tools to help you complete this wonderful DIY journey. We have professional designers who will provide you with exquisite diamond painting patterns. Feel free to choose everydayedeals and start your wonderful journey.