How to protect eyes with diamond painting?
01.08.2022 | everydayedeals | Diamond Painting Blogs

I would like to ask if you have ever experienced that when you open your new "Diamond Painting", you will forget time and all the distractions around you, and before you know it, a few hours will pass, and you will come back to look at the diamond painting Most of it is done. Of course, you are very happy at this time, and you want to rush to share the joy of your handmade DIY diamond painting with your family and friends. As your interest grows stronger, you gradually start to notice a problem that your eyes are injured, it becomes more afraid of strong light stimulation, overuse will cause fatigue and dryness, the eyes will become unclear and There will be some tingling. Maybe you are still insisting on squinting your eyes to carry out your DIY activities, believe me, this is the biggest damage to your eyes, at this time you should temporarily give up diamond painting to relieve eye fatigue.

Eye fatigue and dry eyes are something that many craftsmen and DIY diamond painting enthusiasts have experienced. It is just a normal thing. As a diamond painting DIY enthusiast for many years, I think I have a say in eye protection. Now I can Share some tips and strategies with everyone, I hope to provide you with some help.

  1. Take a break every half an hour

The best way to reduce eye fatigue and dryness is to rest and use your eyes reasonably. It is recommended to take a break every 30 minutes every time you DIY diamond painting to ensure that your eyes are away from the canvas. You can choose to turn your attention to looking into the distance, look at green and eye-catching plants, and close your eyes for a while.

  1. Keep your work environment well-lit

Before DIY diamond painting, choose a place with enough light. If you can't find a place with suitable light, then you can use auxiliary tools and other lights to supplement the light source. You can also choose to sit by the window or on the balcony. These places will have adequate light. 


  1. Use a light-emitting pad

When it comes to supplementing the light source with auxiliary tools, the first thing that comes to your mind is the lamp. In fact, there are other tools besides the lamp that can help you. For example, a light-emitting pad that helps you see the symbols on the canvas and where the diamond should be placed, and the angle of the tilt can be adjusted according to your needs. As long as the light is sufficient, the eyes can see more clearly, the eyes are less stressed, and the fatigue is naturally weakened.Such a magical store is indispensable, welcome to browse Everydayedeals

  1. Wear a magnifying glass

In fact, in addition to using the auxiliary to improve the light source, of course, there are other light sources to help reduce eye fatigue, such as the wearable magnifying glass that can be purchased online. They attach to your head like a headband, freeing up your hands for crafting, convenient and easy to use. When there is sufficient light around you, using a magnifying glass will work better.Such a magical store is indispensable, welcome to browse Everydayedeals

  1. Eye exercises

Finally, return to the most primitive and best way to relieve fatigue, which is to "stretch" your eyes. Eye gymnastics is a kind of health gymnastics for the eyes, mainly by massaging the eye points, adjusting the blood circulation of the eyes and head, relieving the tension of the muscles around the eyes, and improving the fatigue of the eyes.

  1. Prevent eye diseases

If you still experience eye strain while using the above methods, it may be time for an eye exam. While these strategies can help, they are not a substitute for a professional ophthalmologist. It could be that your vision has changed, or your eyestrain has other health-related causes. It is recommended to go to a regular eye hospital to see. However, the above method has certain reference significance for most people. I wish you a pair of healthy and beautiful eyes.